(This review is intended as a supplemental, and short, review to the already stellar review written by Mr. Turi)


Make no mistake. This is not a video game about international political tensions. This is not about a Cold War that has gone hot.  This game is about one thing. Shooting stuff. Lots of stuff. Often. And in as many creative way as humanly possible. The title "Bulletstorm" sort of gives that one away.

From the word "go" the player is dropped into a colorful world filled with gorgeous visuals, fast-paced action, incredibly inventive weapons, and some of the tightest FPS controls you will have played in a long while. It's not kill or be killed. It's kill. With skill.

And that's just how Grayson Hunt likes it. Fire sober. Fire drunk. Doesn't matter. Stuff dies all the same. The low-brow humor and inventive story do way more justice than I think anyone was planning to give it credit for. Combine all that great gameplay with great voice acting (I'm tipping my hat to you Steve Blum), a well-penned story, and some decent (if somewhat lacking) online/multiplayer offerings (we needed more than an also-ran of the Horde mode...where is the two-player co-op campaign?), and you have yourself a bonafide hit on your hands. Epic knew what they were doing when the picked up People Can Fly and gave them a shot to show the world what they were capable of.

In a genre over-saturated with a lot of the same, Bulletstorm does a great job of setting itself apart from the crowd - in a very good way!