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  • Blog Post: The FPS Genre Gets A Billion Shots In The Arm

    Do you remember the first time you shot an explosive barrel? That sharp blast not only heralded gamers’ infatuation with reducing enemies to pulpy puddles, it also laid the foundation for interactive environments in shooters. Clever gunmen have trained their sights on red barrels and other hazards... More
  • Blog Post: Fireworks, Sniping, And Dancing In New Bulletstorm Skillisode

    This latest entry in Epic Games/People Can Fly's tutorial Skillisode videos shows off a wide-range of humiliating kills. It'll teach you how to turn an enemy into the fourth of July, make some idiot involuntarily boogie down, and kill two birds with one sniper round. The names of the skillshots... More
  • Blog Post: Interview: Bulletstorm's Tanya Jessen Talks Parody, Pacing, And More

    We recently had the opportunity to talk with Tanya Jessen, producer of Bulletstorm. Jessen spent a tremendous amount of time working with People Can Fly in Poland, collaborating with writer Rick Remender, and doing all other things Bulletstorm. Check out our interview with her as we discuss Bulletstorm's... More
  • Blog Post: Rampaging Beasts And Raging Gunfire In New Bulletstorm Screens

    Epic Games and People Can Fly's upcoming collaborative effort, Bulletstorm, is a game that's best described as a vivid exercise in gun-toting sadism. This latest batch of sreenshots shows off protagonist Grayson Hunt's harrowing quest along the surface of a conflict-addled planet, as he evades... More
  • Blog Post: When Epic Met People Can Fly

    As evidenced by 2004's Painkiller, the guys at People Can Fly know how to put together a over-the-top and ultraviolent shooter. However, a good development team can only put together their best work if given the proper partners and resources. That's where EA and Epic come in. Take a look at the... More
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