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Game Informer rating too brutal...

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  • To start off i'm not hating on GI at all, i love the magazine, but i think the 8 is a bit too low. Now i know this is just my opinion but not everything is opinionated, especially what is believed to be a clunky RTS system. A couple things were flawed indeed, only being able to upgrade 3 units, not being able to get units to follow you if there are enemies in their path (ignoring them and running by) and having to hold the selector in place while selecting a solo/unit to build instead of letting it rest over the solo/unit you want to select (like the fire arms wheel in bioshock, for example).

    While only slightly annoying i would never go as far as to say that "Brütal Legend’s cumbersome command system stretches your patience to wit’s end. If your tactics aren’t sound from the first note there is rarely a course of recovery." Now i think that's a bit (and by bit i mean a lot minus a little) of a stretch: i just went through the game for the first time in 3 days on Brutal mode, only getting stuck on the stage battle in the dry ice mines (and i only did that mission 8 times or so), and i am by no means a so-much-greater-than-anyone-else video game player and that's certainly not the point of this rant here. Any RTS game makes you retry your strategy until you get your tactics "sound from the first note", that's largely the point actually, and if you're not willing to keep trying until you get a strategy then you should play a different *** game. Having trouble with the stage battles on any mode other than brutal means you should be either rethinking your strategy or reading into the tour book a bit more.  

    Its understandable that writers get bogged down by having to review multiple games and things can slip through but to get someone who is (judging by the article) obviously frustrated by an RTS setting to write a review for a game that's HALF RTS is a much bigger issue. I love TPS games and FPS games have never been a favorite of mine, so i would never write a Halo review, makes sens right? Anyway, Battle commands aren't unweildy, they're just specific. The mechanics aren't unreliable, you've just gotta know how to use them properly. Sure, the game's tricky and hard but why would you play the game if it wasn't? If normal mode is too easy for you, then maybe you should be playing on gentle mode or just play a different game. Long story short, there is no reason this game should have gotten as much flak for it's RTS aspect as it did, the RTS gameplay is solid and honestly defending yourself as just eddie on the ground is more frustrating than RTS battles as a whole.

    I can complain about many other things like the terrible dodge rolling, blocking being only mediocre, being hit by an enemy completely halting eddie's forward movement, not being able to drive through bushes/poles/small trees, the solo/unit selector making it tricky to select the right unit or solo, the main missions being far too short and the storyline coming to possibly the most abrupt halt of any game i've played... I'll complain all i want about those things because there are actually things wrong with the aforementioned material, but calling the stage battles clunky just because you're bad at it is no excuse for the 8. 

    This seems like a lot of writing when the whole point is getting a 9 out of GI instead of an 8, but for a game as phenomenal as far as the combination of rts and adventure styles of gameplay, the best driving experience of any game that's not specifically about driving, the most amazing art/landscapes i've witnessed in a game that's not going for total realism and the most metal storyline of any game ever... This game should have- no, it deserves more credit.  

    I know i can't change the rating in the magazine but at least the subject has been brought to light. Harsh or not, just keep in mind this is the most metal game ever, and deserves more than an 8-- Not a 10, but not an 8 either. And certainly having the decision based on a bad player playing an RTS game improperly then going off and writing a review on it was probably a bad idea as well. 


  • I totally agree with you man

  • This post is amazing.  I agree 100%

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