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Brutal Legend Blog Guidelines
  • Brutal Legend User Review

    I first heard about this game from GameInformer, and it seemed pretty cool. But it was one of those types of games where you go "You know, this looks cool, but I'm probably not going to buy it." It got lumped in there with games like Shadows... More
  • Brutal, Humorous, and Imaginative

    Brutal Legend is a game unlike any other, in some fantastic ways and in some others that aren't so stellar. Throughout the entire span of the game you never forget what is at it's core: Metal. This game bleeds metal and it's incredibly obvious... More
  • Tim Schafer creates a beautiful (If not Heavy) Metal wonderland.

    Initially, the game Brutal Legend may not be love at first sight. What with this game not being part of a blockbuster franchise and the fact that the creator Tim Schafer isn't very well-known outside of the Video game industry may block people from... More
  • Heavy Metal Opus Melts Faces, Misses Some Notes in Process

    Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend is a tough game for me to judge. In some respects, it's everything I could ask for in a video game. The entire story centers around the world's greatest roadie Eddie Riggs as he is teleported into a legendary world... More
  • my review of brutal legend

    This game is so friggin awesome the music is amazing and the story and enimies and everything is so original and new and just probably one of the best games ive ever played More
  • A World More Exotic Than French Kissing

    Brutal Legend is the latest game from videogame mastermind Tim Schafer. The visionary game director who always creates quirky, imaginative worlds, memorable characters, and fun although generally by the numbers gameplay. Starting with adventure games... More
  • Brutal Legend is Both Legendary and Brutal

    This game needs to choose an identity. It offers an open world and exploration, actiony combo moves, upgradable vehicles and weapons, button tapping music solos, and large RTS style battles. I am all for mixing genres but ultimately this many directions... More
  • It restored my faith in the Metal

    As far as story line goes, Brütal Legend is amazing. I grew up in the 80s/90s listening to many of the bands featured on the soundtrack, but as the music became more Kabbage Boy, less Motorhead (and as I took off my blinders and broadened my musical... More
  • Beautiful but Flawed

    Brutal Legend has incredible artwork – the environments are stunning in both their beauty and creativity, the characters were bizarre and fascinating, and the story was clever. I really enjoyed the opportunities to immerse myself in the world, but... More
  • My usual Good vs. Bad review (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned)

    My usual Good vs. Bad review (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned) So, I have been following and waiting for this game almost a year and must say, I have a lot of mixed emotions... This game is good, actually, it's great! But there are some... More
  • You Can't Kill the Metal...

    Score: 8.25/10 Brutal Legend Xbox 360/PS3 Developer: Double Fine Publisher: EA Release Date: October 13, 2009 Pros: Hilarious voice work and dialogue, unique worlds, fitting soundtrack, relatively enjoyable multiplayer, loads of collectibles Cons: Targeting... More
  • My brutal legend Review

    This Game is like a metal rockers fantasy come to life as much as it is fun and makes up in RTS gameplay this Game IS like a fantasy I would create anyway. Though The main character of the game is named eddie riggs voiced By None other than Jack black... More
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