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  • Blog Post: Brutal Legend User Review

    I first heard about this game from GameInformer, and it seemed pretty cool. But it was one of those types of games where you go "You know, this looks cool, but I'm probably not going to buy it." It got lumped in there with games like Shadows of the Damned, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Batman... More
  • Blog Post: Brutal, Humorous, and Imaginative

    Brutal Legend is a game unlike any other, in some fantastic ways and in some others that aren't so stellar. Throughout the entire span of the game you never forget what is at it's core: Metal. This game bleeds metal and it's incredibly obvious who the target market. For a gamer like myself... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Metal Opus Melts Faces, Misses Some Notes in Process

    Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend is a tough game for me to judge. In some respects, it's everything I could ask for in a video game. The entire story centers around the world's greatest roadie Eddie Riggs as he is teleported into a legendary world of metal. Every character and environment seems... More
  • Blog Post: my review of brutal legend

    This game is so friggin awesome the music is amazing and the story and enimies and everything is so original and new and just probably one of the best games ive ever played More
  • Blog Post: A World More Exotic Than French Kissing

    Brutal Legend is the latest game from videogame mastermind Tim Schafer. The visionary game director who always creates quirky, imaginative worlds, memorable characters, and fun although generally by the numbers gameplay. Starting with adventure games like Maniac Mansion and Grim Fandango, then hitting... More
  • Blog Post: Brutal Legend is Both Legendary and Brutal

    This game needs to choose an identity. It offers an open world and exploration, actiony combo moves, upgradable vehicles and weapons, button tapping music solos, and large RTS style battles. I am all for mixing genres but ultimately this many directions left me wanting a more polished experience in some... More
  • Blog Post: My brutal legend Review

    This Game is like a metal rockers fantasy come to life as much as it is fun and makes up in RTS gameplay this Game IS like a fantasy I would create anyway. Though The main character of the game is named eddie riggs voiced By None other than Jack black.. And the guardian of metal is voiced By our father... More
  • Blog Post: rocken gameing

    the game is full of metel it is for rockres more then gameres More
  • Blog Post: Now this is Metal !!!!

    I loved this game plain and simple. It was creative and new. Now yes it was a type of hack and slash but be honest with yourself you have a certain love for those kind of games. Plus how many times can you count that you drove a muscle car around, talked to Ozzy, Killed demons with a awesome rift and... More
  • Blog Post: Brutal Legen on the Xbox 360

    Do you love METAL? Do you love playing Strategic RTS-style battles? Do you love Jack BLACK? Then this is the game for you! Tim Schafer, game director, did an amazing job on this game. The story goes that Eddie Riggs (Jack Black) is one of the greatest roadies that can fix and build just about anything... More
  • Blog Post: This was a funny enjoyable game.

    I played this game and i thought it was extremely fun game to play if you are looking something that is just funny and a joy to play pick it up. Because after a day of playing Gears and getting lag switch all day and being driven crazy...this game mellows me out. More
  • Blog Post: Brutal Legend for Xbox 360: A Great Game!

    Yes, I watched one of my friend play the demo of this game on the Xbox 360 (a pretty long demo). Quickly, I was 'attracted' to the game. The way it centers around a rockstar, working for a goal. A good story; quickly you could tell that he was the good guy too. At first as you start the game... More
  • Blog Post: Metal is what Metal does

    Brutal Legend is a very metal game. So metal in fact, that it has cool cars, hot babes, demon slaying, a creature with a guillotine for it's tail, an awesome all-metal soundtrack, and voice acting by metal gods Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmeister, and Rob Halford. That's not to say it doesn't... More
  • Blog Post: Brutal Legend Review

    The game was great. To start with anyways. I rented it and was kinda dissapointed after beating it in only 6 or 7 hrs the first day. The story line was awesome. It was very solid and fun to play. Then after the game you can do a bunch of secondary missions. I hate them I'm not going to lie. They... More
  • Blog Post: Metal fans- yell in delight... everyone else, play uncharted

    I'm going to be honest, I dont like rock. I never did. I like hip hop, rap, pop. i couldnt find myself having fun in this game because i dont know anything about metal, i dont know one band who is metal and I didnt get one joke in this game. The apeal of this game is the music based setting. Nothing... More
  • Blog Post: Jack is Back!

    Now when I played the demo I was a little skeptical at first. In my head I was thinking " Jack Black in a video game? This could be funny, but could it be fun?" Well to say the least I was right and wrong. The game is downright funny at points and exciting in others. The metal scene it brings... More
  • Blog Post: Terrible

    I thought the game would be fun, its really not all that fun in-fact I got bored within the first 30 minutes of playing the game. Waste of money.. More
  • Blog Post: DO NOT READ

    NO More
  • Blog Post: Metal Masterpiece

    If you ever loved metal, PLAY this game. Entertainment values thru the roof! I love the game. Good work Tim! More
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