I first heard about this game from GameInformer, and it seemed pretty cool. But it was one of those types of games where you go "You know, this looks cool, but I'm probably not going to buy it." It got lumped in there with games like Shadows of the Damned, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Batman: Arkham Asylum, et cetera. I thought it was pretty cool that they were taking inspiration from album covers like Dio's Holy Diver. I didn't think much about it until my older step-brother (who also happens to be a Metal fan) brought it home.

I took a test run of it, and it was cool. Jack Black's character reminded me of Jables in Tenacious D: in the Pick of Destiny and such, and the art was amazing. The story line seemed a little cliche at first (you know, accidentally stumble into another world, almost get killed by the baddies, save the hot chick, and run to the allies' camp.

I thought of it as pretty cool, but I still wouldn't have bought it unless I hadn't picked up the Mouth of Metal at the Metal Forge. Running missions while blasting "Die For Metal" by Manowar in a Metal Fantasy World equals extreme awesomeness. I defeated General Lyonwhite (who represents Glam Metal, which is a wart on the face of Metal, and who's name is a reference to the band White Lion, which David Bowie used to be a part of) all in about three days of playing the game (look I had to go to school, go to sleep, and all that crap).

I was more into the Action parts of the game rather than the Strategic parts, due to the fact the warriors on your team are very clumsy and you end up having to do most of their work yourself.

Overall, this was a pretty fun game. I wouldn't say it was the best, because there were parts of the game that needed more work, but it entertained me, so it was worth the $12 I paid for it.

If your not a Metal fan, you probably won't understand a lot of the game, nor will you have much interest in it. But if you are, you have to play this. Killer tunes, cameos, action, and story will deliver your money's worth.