This game needs to choose an identity. It offers an open world and exploration, actiony combo moves, upgradable vehicles and weapons, button tapping music solos, and large RTS style battles. I am all for mixing genres but ultimately this many directions left me wanting a more polished experience in some areas.

The full-on metal world is terrific. It's fun to explore and there are many side quests and secrets, like dragon statues, to find. Unfortunately the side quests get repetitive by the end of the game. There are maybe one or two unique ones. My major complaint about the exploration is that you must find over half your solos (special moves) in the world with no help. As a result, I ended the game without one of my solos.

The thing that killed the game for me were the RTS style battles. The idea of a huge metal war is cool, but not when your units are this difficult to order. If you have ever taken God-like view of an RTS for granted or wondered what it would be like to be a general on the ground, play Brutal Legend.

The cartoony art style, humor, and music pull this game together. Stringing combos together with my axe and guitar was awesome. And  the memory racing through a huge mountain while it falls apart with Dragonforce blazing in the background reminds me that there was plenty of joy to be had in this game.