Characters, puzzles, and story are the core of any good adventure game. The years since Broken Sword's 1996 release on PC haven't changed any of those qualities, and it remains an excellent example of that era in gaming. However, if you aren't already a fan of the genre, this re-release won't do much to draw you in.

As with most point-and-click adventure titles, you spend time talking to colorful characters and using items to overcome obstacles. While investigating an ancient conspiracy, likeable sleuths George and Nico encounter several fun, clever puzzles to unravel. Fans of the original will notice that several puzzles have been updated and made more intuitive, and new segments starring Nico fill in some narrative gaps.

While those improvements are a good start, Broken Sword's presentation is incredibly shoddy. Poor video quality, uneven voice recording, and jaggy graphics left me wondering why so few updates were made to the experience as a whole. A solid story and cool puzzles only go so far when the production values scream ''low budget'' every step of the way.