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Broken Age

Jack Black Joins The Voice Cast Of Double Fine's Broken Age

In a new video showcasing the voice actors of Broken Age, Double Fine revealed that Jack Black (among other notable voice actors), is joining the cast as Harm'ny Lightbeard, "The lifter of clouds." The announcement of Black's inclusion was made official during Double Fine's panel at PAX.

Jack Black has worked with Double Fine before, when he played Eddie Riggs in Brütal Legend. His role in Broken Age appears to be more of a cameo, as he punches Tim Schafer in the end of the video below as retaliation for giving him a small role.

The video also reveals that the talents of Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Bioshock Infinite, etc.), Richard Horvitz (Raz from Psychonauts), and many other new and returning Double Fine actors will be making an audible appearance in Broken Age.

Broken Age's firm release date is still ambiguous, but Double Fine is hoping to get at least some of the game in players' hands in early 2014.

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  • Great, now I want to watch School of Rock again. Thanks Kyle.
  • YEEEEEEEEES! Brutal Legend was such a creative game, I'm sure Broken Age will be too

  • Am I the only one who was more excited to see Richard Horvitz than Jack Black?

    Every role he plays tends to be enjoyable, so seeing him in the casting of a game is always nice.

  • You need to revise a bit in this article. "Jack Black (among other notable voice actors)" should be "Jack Black (alongside some notable voice actors)" "Other" would imply that Jack Black is a voice actor. He is not. He is an actor who occasionally does character voices.
  • YES!! I was so excited when they mentioned it briefly in the backer videos!

  • Cool, I love that guy.

  • Haven't heard anything from Jack Black in a while.

  • Jack Black is hilarious!

  • Jack Black is the kind of actor that can make dozens of terrible movies and still just make me happy. Seems like such a cool guy.

  • Jack Black is awesome.  Wish he was in more movies.

  • More Jack Black makes any game more awesome it seems.