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  • Blog Post: Victory Through Perseverance

    The 2010 film The Expendables posed the question, “What if some of the biggest action-film stars came together and made one over-the-top blockbuster movie?” Free Lives uses a similar premise with Broforce. However, instead of bringing those same stars together, Broforce delivers representations... More
  • Blog Post: Celebrate Freedom From Early Access In This New Trailer

    The totally bro-tacular multiplayer shooter is finally freeing itself from the shackles of Early Access. Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that Broforce is transitioning into full release next week, and they do it with the most American trailer imaginable. The full release will feature a new set... More
  • Blog Post: The Bros Go To Space In New Alien Update

    Some of the biggest heroes in the world have teamed up to fight evil in Free Lives Games' epic indie run-and-gun 2D shooter. But now they’ll be facing some of the most vicious and terrifying villains in the universe. Check out the insane alien action in the newest Broforce trailer below and... More
  • Blog Post: Play The Community's Best Levels On User-Generated Island

    Developer Free Lives has announced a custom content-focused island coming to its game Broforce. The new area, named User-Generated island, will be filled with the best user created levels. To encourage more creation, Free Lives are also holding bi-monthly level design contests - known as The Weekend... More
  • Blog Post: New Bros, New Missions, And A Level Editor In The Broctober Update

    In a new trailer for their bro-op sidescroller, Broforce, developer Free Lives announced the addition of two new playable characters, a level editor, and new missions. The new characters are Bro Max, a bro analogue of Mel Gibson’s seminal Mad Max character, and The Brode, based on The Bride from... More
  • Blog Post: It Doesn't Get More Bromazing Than This

    If you have played Broforce or followed our previous coverage , you'll know that the game has no shortage of bros based on various action movies and the like. With this new free crossover game, Free Lives is showing that it isn't afraid to go even further with its masculine-fueled indie title... More
  • Blog Post: Celebrate Freedom With New Bros And A Discount

    To celebrate American independence, Free Lives has added two new bros to its over the top, 8-bit action game. In addition, publisher Devolver Digital is offering a patriotic discount on the title this weekend. Cherry Broling, the second announced female bro, can hover over enemies and rain bullets down... More
  • Blog Post: New Characters, Abilities Shown In Gameplay Video

    Free Lives has released a new trailer for Broforce showing off new characters, abilities, and a new enemy unit. The two new characters bring the total count to seventeen. The Time Bro allows you to slow down time and wreak havoc on your foes. The Broniversal Soldier can revive friends as well as enemies... More
  • Blog Post: Broforce Had Me Laughing From Start To Finish

    The wonderful thing about the indie movement is that there are so many teams willing to take risks, try something new, and just have fun. And then there are developers like Free Lives that take that ball and run as hard and fast as they can for the end zone. Broforce features a cast of recognizable characters... More
  • Blog Post: Devolver Digital Signs On To Publish Free Lives’ Ultra-Masculine Broforce

    As you might suspect from its name, Broforce is a game with big guns, big explosions, and big testosterone. Developer Free Lives has found a bro of its own. It has teamed with Devolver Digital, which will be publishing the game. In a new trailer, we are introduced to new bros, Bronan and Brochete. Other... More
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