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Devolver Digital Signs On To Publish Free Lives’ Ultra-Masculine Broforce

As you might suspect from its name, Broforce is a game with big guns, big explosions, and big testosterone. Developer Free Lives has found a bro of its own. It has teamed with Devolver Digital, which will be publishing the game.

In a new trailer, we are introduced to new bros, Bronan and Brochete. Other Bros mentioned in the announcement are Brominator and Robrocop. A careful examination of the trailer also reveals Rambro and a Matrix-inspired NeBro. Well, I assume these are the names. The pattern isn’t terribly difficult to figure out.

We also see some of the interesting weapons available, including a “tactical swine” and “exploding coconuts.” Broforce features four-player online or local co-op. How could it be called Broforce if you can’t play with your bros, of course?

Broforce is coming to Steam Early (Broly?) Access in March. You can also purchase access now via the Humble Store.

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  • It's actually Robrocop.;) Anyway, Shahid Ahmad said he'll ask to get this on Vita on Twitter. I would definitely play this on my Vita. Looks like the right amount of stupid, crazy goodness.

  • Nothing better than bromances.

  • Wow...two comments in 45 minutes.

    I can feel the buzz in the air about this game.

  • Coconuts? Were they brought in by African or European swallows?
  • This game looks like a ton of fun.

  • Broforce needs to come console side. this needs to happen.

  • Hopefully this game will have the success necessary to be brought to consoles (XBLA, PSN(vita mainly) )

    I just pre-ordered it

  • I was actually thinking about this the other day! Nice pickup by Devolver - fits in right with some of their other stuff. Either them or AdultSwim Games. But whatever; good to hear more about it. And also, some other game probably did this first, but it's nice to see that successfully Greenlit games aren't being blocked should they secure publishing deals - never did understand why Valve screwed over the Paranautical Activity guys like they did, but I'm glad it's behind us.


  • Will this game feature explosive bropane (bropain?) tanks? Maybe Hobro with a shotgun or Broba Fett. This is starting to get fun!
  • GOTY 2014. thanks devolver!

  • Bring this to Vita, and you will have my money.