I do so enjoy a detailed review. As for my thoughts... I must say i am curious about the dialogue. Before Bravely Default was one of my top three all time favorite RPGs - Star Ocean: The Second Story. Now THAT game had some dialogue. Most of the first disc is dialogue (especially if you are averse to truly exploring all that SO:TSS has to offer). That being said, I am hoping the reviewer's dialogue gripes stem from just not wanting to read (something I rather enjoy).

Obviously there will be little complaint over the battle system, so that then leaves the story. When it comes to an RPG, I have great patience. Games like Suikoden, Star Ocean, The Elder Scrolls, and several others have seen countless hours poured into them throughout the game before advancing plot lines. Given my desire to explore, grind, and conquer, I am hoping that the mentioned tediousness (or perhaps even pointlessness) will not deter me. Even in games that would turn out to be disappointingly short (like Radiata Stories), I still tend to squeeze hours and hours out of them.

Either way, I am still excited for the game - if not a little more guarded. I am just so hungry for a truly rewarding JRPG. I recently just did some massive backtracking and beat Dragon Quest VI - which was an amazing experience that I'd like to see done more in games (an adventure spanning more than one generation). So... here's to hoping Bravely Default can be yet another title that justifies my having purchased a 3DS.

What are your thoughts?