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Bravely Default

New Bravely Default Trailer Offers Story And Character Overview

The latest Bravely Default trailer offers a brief glimpse at the game's story, and showcases the character archetypes that will appear in the game.

Luxendarc has been swallowed by darkness and the crystals have been corrupted. A group of four heroes, the priestess, the traitor, the lone survivor, and the cassanova, must band together to save the day. You can check out the trailer below.

Bravely Default is coming to 3DS on February 7. For more on the game you can head here to learn about the game's job system, or download the free demo, whose data will transfer to the full game.

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  • I really enjoyed the demo. While the story seems like a redux of Final Fantasy I to a pretty big point, sometimes it's nice to fall into the old tropes. Like a comfy pair of house shoes.

  • Enjoying the demo immensely. Where FFIII was a let down, this is how the job system and gameplay should have been. Already have my collector's edition pre-ordered and can't wait to experience the full story and job selection. THIS is the kind of RPG I've been waiting for on 3DS.
  • My only hope for this game is that you can rename the characters. Sorry, Ringabel...
  • I still can't seem to get into the demo. Maybe this just isn't my type of game... I recall elements of Radiant Historia's combat, which I was pretty good at. This combat? I've been getting my ass kicked consistently. I suppose I just need to keep experimenting with the jobs. I think I'll still buy the full version at some point. Can't say I'm too excited for another 'save the crystals' plot, but the characters look endearing enough.
  • I've really enjoyed the demo. I can't wait to play the game and get into the story. It looks like its going to be really good.

  • Getting so close to launch, I'm glad they brought out the demo because that cemented the fact I was going to buy it. I got 2 of the 4 jobs I'm decided on, and the last two are hard to choose.

  • It's a shame that some European spoiled the game for me, but I'm still getting it for the music and battle system.

  • I have been greatly enjoying the demo and looking forward to this game. I would preorder the special edition, but, I have no money.
  • I downloaded the demo and have yet to play it. What I wouldn't give to not require sleep.
  • I just got my 3DS XL for this game!

  • enjoyed the damo and getting the game! though, I want the CE (for the awesome BGM's)
  • Considering how good this is looking, It would indeed be brave if you choose to default from getting it.
  • Very excited for this! I enjoyed the heck out of the demo.

  • Don't know much about this, but I've been itching to get a old fashioned RPG for my new 3DS. Gonna wait on the reviews but this doesn't seem so bad.
  • at first I thought Tiz was the worst name I've ever heard, but then I saw Ringabel.

  • First problems I had with the title was 8-4 being involved, but after learning more about the game and the sort of content it has for characters who are the age of Japanese junior-high students, choosing to not buy this game both a protest against 8-4, and otaku-pandering material in general.
  • This reminds me, I gotta pre-order the collector's edition before it's too late.

  • Mod

    This games looks amazing. I really enjoyed the demo and I can't wait to play the full game!

  • I recently got the demo for this game and I'm really enjoying it. I wrote a blog post about it and the 3DS that you can check out!