Ok anybody rating this a 9 got this game way to high anybody who said it's a 4 got it way to low. Honestly i kinda regret buying this game it's good but  frustrating at times with all the monster having high health and destroying your companion making them completely useless in a sense (Put them in defense for boss fights and u can destroy any boss). Next is they need to fire writers and voice actors that is the worst thing about this game it's so bad that i laugh at some of the convo between people and not because it's funny and the voice acting is cringe worthy like just bad.

Fighting is repetitive as hell do the same thing every fight and story line is way to short for this game. The game itself is like a copy of witcher mix with dark souls which is not bad but to much for spiders studios. But in all honestly if they sell enough i would love a second one this game has the a triple a potential but they need to take their time, read over their writing, fire writers and some voice actors, better combat, longer story and finally just smarter decisions i really think this game has so much potential but they are going to have to do a lot to get up their with the big boys DA and Witcher.