I hadn't noticed this until two weeks before release and then didn't pay must attention to it but the the delays on games that came out in the past two weeks especially ESO I looked at this a bit closer and being in the UK I had a chance to see gameplay online line just a couple of days before release over here and I thought Erm this is looking good so I took a leap of faith and brought it. When I got it home put it in to my PS4 and started I wasn't let down. It's near enough straight into the action after a short cut scene. When it comes to fighting the three classes in one are great. I love the cheesy lines they took me way back to when nearly all games had them. Without spoilers all over this it's fun,looks great action and fighting awesome,so all in all don't let this slip by,it's worth the price tag. And with all that said I'm now going off to play it.