Focus Home Interactive Releases First Official Screenshot Of New RPG - Bound By Flame - PC -
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Bound By Flame

Focus Home Interactive Releases First Official Screenshot Of New RPG

Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive has announced Bound by Flame, a fantasy action/RPG, along with its very first gameplay screenshot.

Bound by Flame is set in a dark fantasy universe where players take control of a mercenary possessed by an evil force known as a flame demon. You can go either way with these dark powers, either accepting the flame demon’s abilities or taking the heroic route and rejecting them. Throughout the game, you can choose to slowly give up part of the hero’s soul for more power, which will eventually affect the condition of the hero’s body. 

The game is cut into chapters, each with different quests surrounding a main narrative. Choices made by the player can affect the rest of the game. 

Character customization ranges from gender to facial characteristics, which goes to affect the appearance of the flame demon. An in-game crafting system let’s players create and upgrade their armor and weaponry for better combat experience. 

Bound by Flame is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the end of 2013. 

  • never heard of theese guys or the game .. sounds up my alley tho so i'll have to look out for it .

  • Sounds good but I will need to see more before I can decide!

  • Unf. That is all.

  • Definitely see a Kingdoms of Amalur motif going on here.
  • I'm interested, to say the least. And I do love my RPGs!

  • would you like to know more?....

    Indeed i do.

  • The pic reminds me of The Secret World. Realistic fantasy and such. Best of luck to them, it'll be hard selling a new IP without much innovation this late in the console cycle

  • I'm just wondering what happened with Of Orcs and Men on the 360.

  • Cool pic, but the forest looks rather last-gen'ish.

  • Looks decent, nothing that i've haven't seen but they can pull it off. I hope they do!

  • Makes me think of Darksiders or Risen meets Folklore (the PS3 RPG)... Looks wise...

  • If the developers got this game rolling for next-gen then this would be the best opportunity for them to get their name out there while the new consoles lack in games. Focus Home Interactive, make this as ambitious as you can make it and release for next-gen. That's how you get in the big money.

  • YUS! rpgs for the win

  • I like the look....not much else to say.

  • looks awesome! hope to see the gameplay!

  • I may buy since I won't be going towards next generation until further down the road.

  • So, it's a Witcher 2 imitation.

  • Sounds awesome!

  • The article doesn't say much, but looking good (if not generic). Let's wait and see.