Focus Home Interactive Releases First Official Screenshot Of New RPG - Bound By Flame - PC -
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Bound By Flame

Focus Home Interactive Releases First Official Screenshot Of New RPG

Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive has announced Bound by Flame, a fantasy action/RPG, along with its very first gameplay screenshot.

Bound by Flame is set in a dark fantasy universe where players take control of a mercenary possessed by an evil force known as a flame demon. You can go either way with these dark powers, either accepting the flame demon’s abilities or taking the heroic route and rejecting them. Throughout the game, you can choose to slowly give up part of the hero’s soul for more power, which will eventually affect the condition of the hero’s body. 

The game is cut into chapters, each with different quests surrounding a main narrative. Choices made by the player can affect the rest of the game. 

Character customization ranges from gender to facial characteristics, which goes to affect the appearance of the flame demon. An in-game crafting system let’s players create and upgrade their armor and weaponry for better combat experience. 

Bound by Flame is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the end of 2013. 

  • Looks cool, sounds like standard modern RPG stuff--but no Wii U or PS4?

  • Whoa, never heard about this game until now. Sounds freaking awesome. Cant wait to see more about this game.
  • Always open to a new RPG, they tend to be higher quality then some of the junk released :), or at least more fun.
  • I'm always okay with any type of fantasy/RPG. I'll be interested to hear more about this as time goes on. The screenshot looks pretty nice as well.

  • Just sell half of your soul, or maybe get crazy with power. Who needs a soul anyway?
  • Sounds great! Need more RPGs.
  • Cool, but I'm not digging the weird right arm. The game's structure sounds pretty unique, but the back-story reminds me of Dark Souls in a way.

  • Mod

    Sounds pretty awesome!!!

  • Nice look'in.

  • The way they described it, it sounds like it's just a way cooler version of Fable.

  • This looks Uber cool!!

  • Don't get me wrong, this sounds awesome... but do all good action RPG's and good open world RPG's have to be set in a world where they fight with magic and swords. Give me a good open world (prefer galaxy) RPG third person shooter like Mass Effect, but better. ME was the start, give me more like this, build on it. Maybe FPS, too, Borderlands was doing it right, Destiny has potential. I'm looking forward to Defiance. Any other suggestions?
  • I don't think that this game will sell very well when released at the end of 2013. That's when PS4 and likely the new Xbox will be released and the focus will be on next gen games. I think this game will have a very hard time with marketing and finding exposure.
  • Very interesting concept. I'll have to keep an eye on this one...

  • Interesting...Sounds like Fable only without the humor mixed with Kingdoms of Amalur.

  • I really like that you can custom make your character. That is one of my favorite parts in games like this.
  • This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, but I would have liked to see it on a next gen console.

  • I like that players have choice on whether to reject or accept the demon... I'm curious as to whether that will be just a gameplay thing or if it will alter the story as well.
  • Sounds good, what other stuff have these companies worked on?
  • Whenever there is a western RPG like this, it is so rarely any good. There are some great ones for sure besides anything Bethesda does, like The Witcher 2, Kingdoms of Amalur, Dragon Age 2, etc, but most of the time, they have some glaring problem that just never gets fixed. The combat feels clunky or has no savage impact. The graphics are low res and ugly. The voice actors are low rent. The missions are stale and generic, etc. There's always something. I've tired them all, and none are as good as what Bethesda does. Not even close, minus the ones listed above, which were fantastic.
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