Botanicula is done by Amanita, the guys behind Machinarium, and is of the rather rare genre of Point & Click adventure.

Botanicula has zero legible dialog in it. The characters say no recognizable words but that doesn't stop them from telling you everything you'd ever want to know.

The Aesthetics of the game itself is well worth a shot. The art style is very bright and colorful with a whimsical design about it. Creatures in this world all feel like they belong to it. Nothing is ever thought out of place and it never seems weird that all of these things are interacting together.

This all takes place in a series of trees while your group of five characters all move as a group but certain puzzles require you to chose a fitting participant, the action of which is half the fun as "failing" said pick leads to a rather funny outcome.

Which leads to the real draw of this game. The Humor. This game uses a rather slapstick approach to its humor, relying on noticeable failure and a mix of movement and sound to convey it. You won't find any juvenile humor in it either, the humor here will be enjoyed by anyone no matter the age.

The puzzles themselves can be on the easy side, with a few requiring more time invested simply because they require you to fetch a certain item to complete it. They can be solved rather easily by just exploring the area with your mouse and, what else, clicking on interactive objects. There was only one point where the mouse controls let me down, during the maze puzzle in which you try to recover a stolen orb from a creature and have to lead it out of a maze without letting said creature catch up, but even that was entertaining simply due to the homage to Pac-Man that played during it.

The real challenge comes from Creature Cards, which are collected once you've interacted with a certain creature enough, which usually involves you clicking on it and the others like it, sometimes hunting the others out if they're hidden. These do have a tangible reward, aside from being able to see a brief "Snapshot" of the creatures typical movement you'll be treated with some additional slapstick scenes at the end depending on how many Creature Cards you obtained.

All in all, this game is a wonderful, entertaining game with such unique and pleasing aesthetic that, even if you aren't that great at point & click adventures, I'd recommend it to you anyways in a heart beat. It doesn't fall into any of the traps that regular point and clicks do, requiring some absurd logic that only makes sense to the developers, and is a great way to spend a few hours just for the music and scenery alone.

Be it from or I suggest you grab this game and get ready for great storytelling and a wonderful experience.