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Borderlands 2 Gun Companies

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Gun Companies

If you’re having trouble understanding why this gun or these guns have the same attributes of other guns, it’s because they’re made by different companies. There are different gun companies in Borderlands 2 that make their guns differently by either adding damage or accuracy bonuses or attributes. Here’s some help on the gun companies and the guns they make. (If I can’t get all of them listed here, play Borderlands 2 and discover more guns and the company they’re made from.

Known to make guns that sometimes don’t have bonuses or attributes and this company can’t spell the guns correctly (not known if this is actually a gun company). Most of their guns are very bad since not many have attributes or bonuses and they don’t look as good as any other guns. If you get a legendary weapon made by this company, however, they’re known to be the most powerful guns in the game, so there’s a positive side to this gun company. Another good thing is that they’re cheap, so they’re useful if you don’t have much money, and that they have a high damage ratio.

This gun company makes all their guns elemental: corrosive, slag, burn, and shock (Explosive doesn’t count). The guns made by this company are considerably powerful and fairly accurate; however, they’re very expensive. If selling MALIWAN made guns, you get more than you can bargain for. These are they only guns in the game that you can easily get an elemental weapon.

Very powerful guns are made by this company, however, some aren’t so powerful. Mostly revolvers are made by this company since the attribute on all their guns is the rate of fire based on how fast you pull the trigger. These guns have massive damage, but they have massive recoil as a consequence. If you’re a cowboy kind of person, the guns made by this company are suited for you. Selling these guns isn’t such a good idea since they’re barely worth anything, but that means they’re cheap.

The guns made from this company are fair, but they have moderate to low damage. Most of their guns are a zoom-in burst fire gun, in other words, if you’re aiming and shooting, you instead fire short bursts from your gun. The great thing though is that these guns have little to no recoil at all, allowing you to hit your enemy more easily (you’ll need accuracy to in order for this to work). These guns are fairly expensive, but can be sold at high prices.

Made directly from the Hyperion Corporation, these guns are somewhat good, depending on the situation you’re in. These guns are great, since when you shoot, they have stabilizers, increasing its accuracy the longer you hold the trigger. This is mostly good with guns with a large magazine or high damage, since you always want to hit your enemy. This isn’t good with guns with very short magazines, and it isn’t good at all with snipers, believe me, snipers need to be accurate from the beginning. These guns can be sold for a lot of cash, however, the downside is that purchasing them is expensive.

Guns made by this company are that of the guns made by BANDIT. Comparing from the guns made from BANDIT, they have better looks, better names, and their names are spelled correctly. The guns are also more powerful, even for legendary guns. These guns also have a higher chance of having an attribute or bonus added to them. The only problem is that they are more expensive then guns by BANDIT.