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Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 Available Now

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 DLC for Borderlands 2, which raises the level cap, among other bonuses, is available today.

The pack is $4.99 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. With this DLC (which is not included in the season pass), the level cap moves up to 72, there are new harder difficulty modes, more loot, more character customizations, and a new map: the Raid on Digistruct Peak.

2K and Gearbox have put together a handy chart detailing everything that is included in Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, which you can check out below. For more on Borderlands 2, here's our review, and here's a short film from the Borderlands universe.

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  • Digistruct Peak is an interesting area. It is similar to the slaughter domes, only you keep moving through an area and the enemies change.
  • I'll get this later this week. I might also get Krieg, just so I have a new character to make a run through with.
  • OMG YES!!! the time has come! i cant wait! im looking on the PSstore and cant find it, maybe it will be up later? ill check the in-game store and see if it says anything. and i hope the pearlecscents are better then the last.
  • More Borderlands stuff is always a good thing.

  • Nice!

  • Just got a lvl 61 Hammer Buster for my commando last night, and I'm ready to bust some caps on those Hyperion mofos.

  • The image is a little confusing. In order to get the perks listed in the last column, do we have to buy both upgrade pack 1 and 2? Or is there is there a combination offer for both of them? If we don't buy both we don't get the increased level cap? -- According to the graphic, both upgrade packs only have 11 new levels, not the 22.
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  • Sweet, can't wait to download this.

  • *sigh* there go my Weekends.

  • On the off chance that the new harder difficulty is too easy, I find the game can be much harder with this challenge: Anarchy built Mechromancer, Snipers only
  • Borderlands DLC is more tempting to me then most games, but I still have to pass. I just can't afford to buy everything game related I want anymore. But the biggest issue for me this gen has been storage space. I have so much DLC and xbla games that my 120G is full up. I now have to deleted things to make space. I could always of course buy another HD, but again, I am poor, and suddenly a $5 DLC has me spending more and more to keep it. Lately just playing the core game for all it is worth, then moving onto the next experience has been more rewarding then pursuing game extensions.

  • Since I am a die-hard Borderlands fan, I will definitely buy this asap

  • Since I'm borrowing the game, if I like it enough I'll just wait for GoTY.
  • Time to grind through a few more levels then.

  • I'm just sitting here laughing because I got it for free from Randy at the Pax Panel.

  • Pretty cool but don't think I'll put more money towards this game.