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Watch The Most Annoying Borderlands 2 Weapon In Action

It looks nice, but I'm not sure anyone could stand playing with this one for more than a few minutes.

Someone on Reddit spotted this weapon -- the Energizing Bane -- in the town of Lynchwood late in the game. It's not a bad weapon -- until you fire it and hear the irritating sound it makes. For some reason, it has the added side effect of dramatically slowing your sprint speed, making it as annoying to play with as it is to listen to. Watch for yourself below.

Via PC Gamer

  • I'd main this gun.
  • I've heard of these talking guns... I wish there was one that made fart noises... It would totally fit in the world of Pandora.
  • I wouldn't be able to use this gun without throwing my controller.
  • I would probably play with it for a while if it didn't decrease your speed so much.
  • That is the most appropriate subtitle for a sound ever...

  • this video made borderlands 2 a must buy for me
  • Sounds like a tiny civilization of angry birds live in that gun.

  • this is the funniest

  • Awesome. One of the great things about Borderlands: that they just insert random crap like that and you might stumble on it. Amazing game.
  • It reminds me of the special stealth armor you could get in Fallout New Vegas, inside Big Mt, only annoying. I wouldn't use this damn thing if it was twice as strong as my most powerful gun though.
  • Can anyone please MSG me where/how to get a nice combat rifle?
  • (annoying sound)

  • When I found the annoying gun myself, I was not ready for just how evil that thing is. Amazing gun, but no sane person could use it.
  • I won't be playing Borderlands 2 (hated the first one) but this is a seriously funny clip.
  • My poor ears! And my Siren uses SMG's as her bread and butter! I hope this gun is not heads/tails better than anything else I have when I discover it :( Muting is a possibility, but that nerfed sprint is a deal breaker!

  • bahahahahaha thats not annoying, thats awesome

  • Borderlands 2 Troll Weapon When I find this gun, I want to just join random peoples games and fire it constantly lol
  • haha Troll gearbox.

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