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Borderlands 2

A New Look At The Mechromancer Class

Borderlands 2 is only a month away and we're already excited about the first DLC: a fifth character class. Check out our early impressions of the Mechromancer in action.

As announced before, the new character will be free to those who pre-order the game, and it will be paid DLC for everyone else. Surprisingly, developer Gearbox now says that the team will release the DLC sooner than their previous estimate of 60- to 90-days after the street date of the main game.

We only got to see a very brief look at the character in action and her textures are not complete yet, but she looks like a powerful and unique addition to the battlefield. One of her early abilities is called Close Enough. This enables bullets to ricochet off of walls and ground to hit enemies. Pair this up with previously useless low-accuracy guns and you'll be in business. This also allows you to shoot enemies around cover.

Her primary weapon is a floating mech named Deathtrap (seen above). He moves in close to foes and slashes at them with glowing blue claws. One of his upgradeable specials is an explosive clap that does a lot of damage to the primary target and also hurts anyone in the explosion radius.

  • If I pick up Borderlands 2, I think it'll be with the eventual GoTY edition. The original got one I believe, and I expect this one to.

  • DLC already announced, though the game isn't out yet. I hope this is included in new copies, just to make it fair.
  • I had the chance to talk to a grain of sand and what I found out astounded me. It seems many sands throughout the world are ambitious, and want to obtain a degree in sociology and criminology. When they get to the part of the conversation about transportation and mobility, they break down and cry, often turning into little mud specks. Could universities find a way to put secondary education on the beach so we can have smart sand?
  • Is the Deathtrap similar to Mordercai's Bloodwing skill in that it's only active for a short time, or is it a permanent NPC that follows you around? Considering that it's upgradable, I'd say that it's similar to Bloodwing but I'm not sure. Anyone know?
  • Darksiders 2 to play until my fiancee arrives from the States, then Borderlands 2 to play together when she gets here. Thank you various gods of gaming, your bounty is plentiful this year.
  • Sounds even more awesome.

  • Awesome!

  • I was hoping that the crazy looking robot was the character... darn it!
  • I'm extremely excited for this character class. Can't wait to see it in action!:D

  • I approve of DLC like this. Adding new characters that play completely differently? Totally gives you a reason to replay the single player content.

    Of course, Gearbox did an excellent job of adding content to the original Borderlands. It was more game than I could play through! So I'm sure that, if anyone is going to do DLC right - besides Bethesda - it's going to be Gearbox. Again.

    Hope they add a bunch more character classes throughout the next year. It would be great if, a year from now, there were 8 distinct classes in Borderlands 2.
  • I was really hoping this character would get more than one minion. I suppose I can still hope for some skill like little nanobots that the robot deploys. But if it's just the one robot, then it's meh to me.
  • Bordelands 2=awesome
  • I've been looking forward tho this game for a while now.  I don't know why I'm so excited about the extra character though, since I never made it to a second playthrough of the first game.

  • Is it a 'he' or a 'she'?
  • If only Deathtrap was the Mechromancer

  • kinda looks like a suped up geth lol
  • Honestly, I hate the concept of the Mechromancer. It adds a fifth playable character in a four-player game. You just don't get to see what everyone can do with their abilities at the same time.
  • I like how Gearbox is shortening the wait. Come on September!

  • Awesome! Probably too much to ask for but I hope they can put her up on the day of launch.
  • Preordered the 4 pack on Steam. :)
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