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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2's Handsome Jack Threatens All Vault Hunters

Borderlands 2 villain Handsome Jack, while charming, has laid down the gauntlet to all vault hunters, daring them to take him and his arsenal on in this latest trailer for the game.

Apart from the taunting, Handsome Jack takes some time to run through some of the game's character, with plenty of visual eye-candy to boot.

Borderlands 2 comes out for September 18 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC (note: trailer shows the European release date).

For more on the game, check out this previous trailer.

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  • What is this! Third-person shooting!
  • Anybody else notice that his face is held on with hinges?
  • Stop teasing me with these trailers, damn it! I already really really really really really really want this game!
  • Handsome Jack... your going down!

    Cant wait to get my hands on this game.

  • Sweet, I want this game! Also, the game cover looks like the Duke Nukem logo to me.

  • i cant freakin wait!!! the first borderlands was the shizzle
  • That was an awesome trailer.  September 18th needs to come faster.

  • Fact: Handsome Jack is very handsome.

  • September 18th will be great.
  • Thar was pretty funny. ^_^ It might just be me but was that Nolan North?
  • so pumped!

  • Super excited to blow the hell out of Pandora again with another bazillion guns

  • Sweet we have the option for third person like fallout this needs to come out now
  • Assassin, FTW!!!

  • Just waiting for the steam preload. But what is up with the bad textures in this video (the game play sections not the per-rendered). Looks terrible compared to previous videos.
  • I might skip Darksiders 2 so I can get the Loot edition.
  • I haven't seen a gun stash like that since all those silly YouTube "secret" videos.

  • Well I read somewhere that 3/4 of the Pre-oder market is just on this game a lone. I have to say...GearBox better not blow it. Then, again...we have nothing to fear. Just got to wait for the nitpickers wanting to tare the game apart than just playing it for what it is.

    So I cannot wait anymore!

  • Wow, here is my money!!  Please take it!!

  • Question for Jack: Are you dumb?

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