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Borderlands 2

Size Up The Sights And Sounds Of Borderlands 2 In New Trailer

Gearbox and 2K Games have released a new trailer for Borderlands 2, and it delivers the explosive, over-the-top action you've grown to expect from the series. The musical accompaniment may throw you off for a second, though, if you've grown accustomed to dubstep or squealing guitars.

It's clearly not a great time to be a bad guy on Pandora. The video shows enemies getting shot, stabbed, and detonated in scenes of carnage that would make Wile E. Coyote proud. It's all set to the peppy tune "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Of course it is.

Borderlands 2 is coming September 18 on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. 

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  • There is no end to the amount of awesome this video is. I cannot express how excited I am for this game, there are no words. Thank god ME3 MP gets some new dlc next week that will tide me over until the game comes out.
  • Can't wait.
  • Currently playing through the original, and even though I love the game, they really need to improve the story elements. I know they are (I read the cover story), but I don't expect it to be much.
  • This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest trailers I have ever seen. I completely lost it when they shot that Raak. September can't come soon enough!
  • This Video catches the humor of Borderlands 1, that makes me even more excited for Borderlands 2!

  • I love how much more color this game has over the original. Looking forward to September!!
  • Looks great, wasn't sure if I was going to buy this a couple months ago. But the closer it gets to the release date. I find myself gravitating towards getting it lol.

  • that little girl is scary i hope shes a good guy
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  • I've got 3 buddies of mine who, when we are all put together, make an excellent 4 person team which compliments each other very well. We enjoy the likes of not only the last Borderlands, but also L4D 1 and 2. To say that we are looking forward to the Cold Stream DLC would be an understatement. Along those lines. saying that we are literally foaming at the mouth with excitement for Borderlands 2 would just be silly. We are doing more than foaming ;) Sept needs to hurry up!

  • Amazing! This is going to be such an epic game. CL4P-TP = greatest robot of all time.
  • This is, like, the greatest trailer ever. Of all time.

  • CANNOT WAIT! Oh and, Claptrap's back! Love this robot!

  • That was awesome! Im definitely gonna get this game.

  • That trailer was awesome and i can see claptrap is still friggen hilarious. I cant wait for this.

  • One of the best trailers of all time!

  • I love those guys, they have a great sense of humor.  Can't wait to play it.

  • Well done, Gearbox.  Well done.

  • That trailer. This game. I cannot wait till September. This one will be glorious.

  • genieass

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