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  • Blog Post: Incomparable.

    Take everything you loved about the first Borderlands, and multiply it by ten. Borderlands 2 is an absolutely incredible game, and in my opinion, the best release of 2012. The quirky characters are back, the gratuitous violence, the bazillion guns, the incredible variety of skill trees to explore, the... More
  • Blog Post: Review - Borderlands 2 (PS3)

    This game stole all my anticipation for the year. literally all of it. Assassin's Creed III is coming out soon, and i'm hardly wetting my self over it, and i love Assassin's Creed! After putting several hours of my time into the game, i think i'm prepared to write a review. I played clean... More
  • Blog Post: Back to Pandora: One Guys Journey through Borderlands 2

    Borderlands 2 is an amazing game with a very great new story with many twists. The Story: In Borderlands, the main point of the story was extremely unclear. You basically just ran around shooting things and doing fetch quests. In Borderlands 2, It is made clear from the start whom your enemy is and what... More
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