Take everything you loved about the first Borderlands, and multiply it by ten. Borderlands 2 is an absolutely incredible game, and in my opinion, the best release of 2012. The quirky characters are back, the gratuitous violence, the bazillion guns, the incredible variety of skill trees to explore, the four (now SIX) different character classes, the promise of even MORE dlc, and a fantastic story to boot. Borderlands 2 took everything people loved about Borderlands and evolved it to it's prime, and then they fixed EVERYTHING anyone complained about the first game. The level of immersive corrective action they took in this game, goes so far as to answer almost every single question you possibly asked about the first one. Little irritations are fixed like, "Dang, I wish I had a minimap", or "can I REALLY not crawl in fight for your life?", or "shoot, I wish I could just compare these weapons side by side", all taken care of. Borderlands 2 is such a good sequel, I never even want to play the original, cause I couldn't imagine going back after the incredible leaps and bounds upwards they somehow took with this game. Get it. Love it. Enjoy.