When I first started playing this game, it started off boring and slow. In mid-game, it started getting fun and interesting. The setting in Borderlands 2 is a wide-open world, in other words, anywhere you go is free and doesn't have to be towards a mission at all. I walked Pandora multiple times in the same places, so I guess I could say it has a great amount of replay on the game. Also the combat is better than most first-person shooters.

For one reason is that there are many different guns on the game, so you get a variety of weapons to use in combat. Another reason would be that there are four characters, each with a very interesting ability and a different skill tree that can upgrade the player itself or the ability they use. Another thing to know is that each and every monster in Borderlands 2 has their own characteristics, which is great and makes the game feel more like a game with variety.

Also, each gun you use has a rarity scale, which makes the player more willing to get the best gun on the scale, but it isn't just guns on the scale, there are also shields and other things to loot! And I like how there are special types in bosses in the game, it makes the game feel like a longer playing game and that's great!