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Borderlands 2

Wrap Your Mind Around These Two New Screens

If you have plans today, cancel them. Gearbox and 2K Games have released two (2) brand-new screens for Borderlands 2.

The screens show off what happens when an explosive weapon makes contact with a bandit, as well as a frenzied battle on a dam.

Check out our Borderlands 2 hub, which will direct you to loads of exclusive interviews, features, and more.

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  • So... much... epic.

  • I would cancel my plans for two screen-shots becaaaaaaauuuuse?
  • Hopefully they fix the amount of damage rockets do. Id shoot people with like 10 rockets just to have my friend do 10 seconds of rapid fire from a machine gun and kill the guy.
  • OH! The glorious carnage!
  • If you look closely at the screenshot with the explosion in the middle you notice the car. Driving the car is a woman. Bet shes one of the new classes! If you look at page 50 of this months game informer shes there too!
  • wow these graphics are awesome. looks like a high quality comic art
  • Awesomeness everywhere!

  • Everything seems even more detailed then the first game...although that could have been because everything was basically in the desert so it made everything seem like it looked the same.

  • I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but the one thing that really bothered me with Borderlands on consoles was the low res weapons. Textures on most weapons looked stretched and very low res. It bothered the hell out of me. On PC they looked much better obviously, but on consoles they looked like crap. I hope they fix that with the sequel. Borderlands is one of the best games I've ever played and I really only have a few complaints with the whole experience.
  • I'm still "meh" on Borderlands as a whole. A good idea that I thought turned out bland, boring, and pointless. Hopefully this one is better, or at least doesn't put me into a comma again for sheer boredom.
  • I better clear up my schedule because I just nerd-gasmed

  • i want to know about lillith's replacement. in my mind lillith kinda made the other characters obsolete she was so useful. all we've heard about is the Gunzerker and he really does not do anything for me. i want to hear about the (presumably) sexy new lillith character
  • Borderlands is pretty good, but the first one lacked depth. Let's hope the second go-around is better. And if you buy this game, you better hope to God you have friends to play with or it will be excruciatingly boring.
  • Many commenters have no understanding of sarcasm.
  • The variety now is amazing, instead of boring desert. Can. Not. wait. For. 20. 12.

  • This is some colorful looking eye candy! Can't wait!

  • That is an awesome golden statue. It looks like an angry Buddah... oh is that those gun worshiping bandit dudes?


  • This is going to be a great follow up to one of the best shooter/rpg's ever made. Can't wait!

  • What's that giant yellow thing in the background?

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