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Borderlands 2

Release Date Announced, New Trailer Revealed

Borderlands 2’s PlayStation Vita release date has been revealed to be May 13, though, fans can grab it even earlier if they pick up the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle. Along with the release date announcement comes a new trailer showing off what Borderlands 2 looks like on the Vita.

The limited edition bundle is available May 6 for $199.99 and includes a slimmer and lighter PS Vita that has 1GB of internal memory built into the handheld and an 8GB Vita memory card. Additional changes to the Vita’s design include an LCD screen (instead of the OLED screen in the original Vita), increased battery life, and alterations to the back to help with comfort. 

For those who have already been traveling and looting across Pandora, cross-save between the PS3 and Vita is supported. Unfortunately, cross-buy is not included, so if you bought the PS3 version you’ll have to reinvest to play on Vita. 

If you’re new to the Borderlands universe, check out our review of Borderlands 2 for consoles. The Borderlands 2 and PS Vita Slim bundle marks the first time the new model is available for purchase in North America.

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  • Finally!!

  • Pre-ordered this last weekend. I am mainly getting to play Persona 4 and Gravity Rush. Borderlands 2 is just the icing on top. Also planning to get some older Tekken games...
  • Not to troll but those pics look like garbage. What is the appeal supposed to be?
  • Wow I have to get this. Got to get back into vita gaming and complete ffx and killzone.

    This should boost vita sales for a while

  • Thoughts on if you'll be able to fit the game and all the DLC on the 8 GB memory card it includes? I'm guessing it'll be a tight fit.
  • So Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep and Sir Hammerlock's Wild Game Hunt won't come included, will they be for repurchase, or what?
  • borderlands is a good game, but it always burns me out way to fast. Like, at this point i don't want any more haha.

  • May 13th, that's my Birthday!

  • Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

  • Happy to hear it comes out a week after God of War comes out on the vita!!! My vita is gonna be busy lol.

  • i like the new vita...

  • All I care about is getting the Yellow vita, is that coming to the United states, and I want to purchase it without borderlands for a cheaper price. Please some one tell me this will be sold solo for like 170$ or something. And do we get the color options?

  • ah! the release date! nice nice!

  • I was gonna get a vita so I'm just gonna wait until this comes out.

  • Mod
    Despite the downgrade since it's a console game, gotta say it does not look bad for a handheld. It may not match like KZ or Uncharted, but for an open-world, that's cool. The bundle though, that's really cheap compared to the original, especially when it has 8GB memory card as well as 1GB internal memory. Too bad the original is much better only because of the screen.
  • Honestly, I'm surprised it looks as good as it does, considering how large of a game it is and being squeezed into a handheld. I saw the IGN video of them playing on it and it looked pretty smooth. It still has a little time left, so they may still be able to optimize it more.

  • it looks bad very bad. bad graphics is a turn off.
  • Gonna have to wait and read some reviews before picking this up. The ideal of having Borderlands 2 in the palm of my hands is awesome, but I can already see that the visuals have taken quite the hit and if the shooting doesn't feel tight than I want nothing to do with this game.
  • I might actually get this!

  • Well...being my nearly 2 year old Vita is showing its age in battery life...wonder if I can get it replaced under warranty with a Silm? -thinks about it- Most likely not. Still I love my Vita. Just shame on the small selection of games. Yet none of them are terrible...well maybe a couple (At least can say that with being a bit of a fact lol). Don't regret getting the handheld at all.

    Plus...wonder if Wal-Mart would even sell it. As I've noticed lately. That anything Playstion Related is slim pickings. Yet look over at the XBox and there is at least a whole section crammed full. At least in my area noticed that.

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