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The Borderlands Survival Guide for Recruits


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The Borderlands Survival Guide for Recruits

Hello, Recruit. New To Borderlands? Well this guide is going to tell you about how to survive in Borderlands so PAY ATTENTION! to these life saving tips, or else you will get killed.

Tip 1: Choose a good class.

When you start up the game you are presented with 4 different classes. The Hunter, The Siren, The Soldier, and The Berserker. I recommend you start with the Soldier class because he is the easiest to understand. However, you can chose your class freely.


Tip 2. Find the weapon chest on top of the motel in the starting area.

As soon as you can move around you must get to the motel on your left. get up to the roof and there will be a red weapon chest there. in it you will find some weapons that will help you survive in the beginning of Borderlands.

Tip 3. (for PS3 users) R2 is to shoot not R1

If your really used to first person shooters you may expect to use R1 to shoot. WRONG! in borderlands you need to use R2 to shoot not R1!

Tip 4. Avoid Higher level enemies.

In Borderlands there are enemies you can fight, and then there are the enemies that are a higher level then you. Avoid those enemies.

Tip 5. Stay Alive

The final tip is to stay alive if you get down kill a enemy it will resurect you. and keep a eye on you health bar if it gets low take cover until your shield regernerates.

That is that 5 tips recruits go and kill some baddies.