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Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot Easy Rounds


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Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot Easy Rounds

Knowing the weaknesess of your enemies can be a benifit when reading this article and play the game. Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot can be easily beat knowing these simple rules.

1. Stay and snipe

2. Run...a lot

3. Keep your cool

Utilizing these rules can be your key to sucess, and how? Well with these descriptions on each rule they are easier to understand. Stay and snipe. I found through many times of playing this DLC that staying behind cover on the opposite side of the enemies can make for an effective, fast round. See, when sniping the enemies you most likely won't get shot therefore reducing your chance of getting killed and being put into the Penelty Box. Efective rounds, more XP, better loot.

Run...a lot. This rule refers to the Hoard Round mostly because of the running Maniacs. If you have a very effective Assault Rifle use that over anything. But how do you use this in an effective manner? Simple, when you have ran far and long enough you should get a line of Maniacs (or Psycos in lower level reference) and then use the Assault Rifle whenever you get a break. Unload on them because they will catch up and will end up getting you. Another thing DONT LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! You WILL run into a corner and you WILL bleed out or possibly die. Back to the Assault Rifle, if you don't have an effective Assault Rifle then use any Elemental Fire weapons or a good Shotgun.

Keep your cool. Don't freak when you die, it makes things seem much more worse than they actually are, and it does help maintane a healthy, focused, gaming manner in such a way that it will actually INCREASE your kick-a**ity level. This makes for effective gameplay and loot out the wazoo.

These facts help with any round on every level on every stage. Even when it comes to the Boss Round these tips work.