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Borderlands hit N' miss

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  • Not too many misses here. All in all this is one of my favorite games of this generation. As a gamer, I love action rpg's. Diablo, Champions of Norrath, hell even Sacred 2 are all good if not great games in that genre.  P.S., Borderlands a shooter too, N' a pretty good one at that. After the first hour of getting to know this game, I found myself falling for it kinda hard. I told my girlfriend that this was my WoW (I don't play Mmo's) and that it might be the death of our relationship, it's that addictive for me as a shooter/action rpg. Others feel that way as well. I hopped online last night to dissappear for 6-7 hours again, when my system let me know that I had 18 friends online...15 were playing the game that I was.  this is one of those games that didn't have too many huge midnight releases, but it is spreading like wildfire. it may just be me but having a game like this, other than CODMW2, I don't care about much that's coming out(till Crackdown 2). The replay value on this game is super high for those who love the what's coming next in the form of loot, and playability of the other classes.

    Where's the mini map(miss)

  • no in battle health usage is also a bit of a miss

  • there is a shield that generate health.



  • I am getting this game at christmas and I am probobly going to be addicted at the game. I also can't wait till crackdown 2.

  • Does anyone know where I can get this game cheap? I mean REALLY cheap? I want it for Christmas SO bad! My mom wants to get me something else though. Like a bike. She already bought the bike for me and I told her not to. So if anyone can find it cheap let me know! I may be able to convince her to buy it. Thanks!


  • well u can dl it but most people look down on people who do this... but some people  just dont support the gaming industry... i hate these people... but they r out there. other than that u wont be able to find the game cheap its that good i lent it to my friend for a day and he bought it after playing it for only an hour lol!

  • I agree with most of the stuff people are saying about the game like how the new art system is pretty awesome, theres a ton of awesome guns, and gameplay is legit but the main miss for me is the lack of character and vehicle customization. I might be wrong seeing as how i only bought the game 2 days ago but the vehicles seem to be the exact same thing with different names and colors. I think if they had a bit more customization there it would be a ton better and if you could get different armors, not shields, so that you can look different but yes the shield thing is awesome. Another thing I kinda wanted was maybe a loot system a bit more like Fallout 3's but thats nothing major.

  • I don't like the lack of exploration.

    Turd Ferguson... it's a funny name

  • I do like the art and shooter mechanics.

    Turd Ferguson... it's a funny name

  • I've only played this game for about 3 hours so far (I am playing it with 3 of my friends, every Monday night) and I'm already hooked. The first thing that grabbed me was the style. I REALLY like the graphics on this game! The 2nd thing that grabbed me was the controls - they are literally identical to Modern Warfare. It was awesome to play a new game, and right away know exactly what to do (as far as how to shoot, aim, run, crouch, reload, etc.)

    Anyways, I'm really enjoying this game so far and I can't wait until I play it again!


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