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Solo Play?

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  • Here is  my situation. I've been following the game since GI covered it and desperately want to play it, my only problem is most, if not all of my playing experience will be done solo. Should I even bother buying this game, or can the solo experience still be worth a purchase? 

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  • I love doing the game solo but in most of the articles on this game, its clearly states that they kept the multiplayer experience in mind when working on it. And from what I have seen, the game truly shines most when you're kicking it with 2 to 4 friends online.

    Yet, don't give up. If you have a friend and another controller, you can split screen it and it is just as fun!

  • Okay, thanks for your insight.

    "...churches have nuns, and cowboys have guns, but everyone's waiting to die" - The Chariot

  • I don't think you should get it for solo play. It got really boring lonely and slow for solo for me. The game all in all is descent, the bad side is that all the hype is way to big. You get to select four classes. Have one special. It's not as "open world" as anticipated, you have many loading screens to go through, there's no life anywhere, and there's only one town for awhile. One very annoying hting is that there are about 3-4 types of enemies that just keep changing names and gaining levels until you get outta the main city. The worst part of it is getting started, you are far to weak against some enemies and if you are the the range specialist, you will die alot if you are not teamed with a soldier. Plus the story line has no point to the story for a long time.

    Co-op play is wonderful though. You can dual them, team enemies, and relentlessley waste your money dieing then spawning trying to kill Moe and Marley.

    The guns are very annoying to find and so far I havent found any healing guns. Your melee weapons are not customizable and you either fist or knife some midget till he stops wacking you with a wrench.

    This game is fun for about 3 hours, then you realize that this game is worth $20-$30 because of all the annoying Skags that you will kill some up the whole game's enemy stock that keep multiplying in a 2 foot cave.

  • Great question.  This, my friend, is the reason I wait to buy any game.  I am mostly a loner gamer being that I rarely play with others.  I am looking forward to the answer to this question.

  • I'm level 20 in this game and each and every level I earned solo. I do have a seperate character for when my friend comes over and each each experience is unique. You've no doubt heard that when multiple people play the enemy level increases. This is true, but it is only to make sure that 4 20 lvls (like myself) don't rape a 10 level bruiser with a pistol (Buy the game and you'll see what I mean). Anywho, this is a definate buy for anyone looking for a unique yet not totally obscure RPGFPS. Highly recommended.

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  • I think you are gravely mistaken sir. Sure, Gearbox could have breathed a little more life into the NPC's but whether you are playing single or co-op it is one  of the most fun experiences in a few years.  The world is absolutely huge compared to many of the games on the market at this time. if you want  an intriguing story and great npc interaction try Fallout 3 but as far as having a blast shooting things up to no end, Borderlands is a great pick. In a sense Borderlands is a lot like Left 4 dead, insanely fun, yes its a little shallow like a hot girlfriend, but enjoy every second of it to level 50 my friend, i truly believe whether you play alone or with friends the journey is worth taking.  If you are wanting some of the legendary weapons it is best to play with people due to the fact that more loot is dropped, but all in all Borderlands is definitely an experience worth having.

    And as far as getting killed all the time by Moe and Marley you will need some good strategies and a decent level especially if you are playing alone it is best to be at least a level above them.  

  • I usually just play solo to turn in quests through out different areas. (I don't think the people in my party would want to go through all the loading screens.)  But unless you don't have online play, you really should play co op. You don't need a mic, communicating in game is as easy as beeping the horn on a vehicle.   i tried Solo play for the first couple levels.  It was fun, but no where near as satisfying as playing Co-Op,  I sometimes just join in games to help people out with quests or to help them level.   You get better loot playing with more people, and its less likely that you'll get back up from "fight for your life" or whatever it's called.     All in all, I'd say Borderlands is primarily a Cooperative game.  (Sorry to all the people playing single player and enjoying it!)



  • Aside from the fact that it seems to be geared more towards co-op, how does borderlands compare to other open-world rpgs? Gameplay wise, not how you'd rate them.

    Say, Oblivion? Fallout 3? Etc.

  • I play solo, straight sniper. If you play tactically and not run around all willy-nilly, range is great in this game.

    Moe and Marley are easily defeated solo as well, just run past the bandits on the way to them and kite the skags that way, they'll be distracted enough by the bandits for you to easily finish them off.

    The game mechanics work just as well in solo play as in CoOp. The game was designed to increase difficulty accordingly depending on the amount of players.

    And really after you leave the first area there really aren't a whole lot of skags to deal with.

    There are no healing guns, there are healing shields and soldiers have an ability that allows the to heal via friendly fire.

    I would describe the game as being very well rounded. The skill trees allow bonuses to specific play styles along with the character selection, yes there are only 4 characters to choose from, however the specific branches really allow you to tweek them just right, IMO. Major replay value, great DLC, good solo, good co-op, great online capabilities.

    However, this is not a run in blast everything run out game, if that's what your looking for. It takes patience, tactics, and a want to interact with the environment and explore. The game is a bit challenging yes, but isn't that what makes it fun?

    The game is not fully open-world. There are different yet very large areas in the game that are open. The expansiveness and travel is made easier after the initial starting area by allowing a "fast travel" teleportation to any checkpoint you've previously visited. Load times at this point are not bad at all.



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