As crappy as my title for this is, it describes my experience, that's not to say I thought it was a horrendous game but I felt this game always got too much hype. It's been quite awhile since I've played this game so I may not remember every good or bad point, forgive me if this review is crap. The game has it's good points of course, the graphics are nice and look interesting, there are a few different characters you can play as, each with his or her own skill tree. There are also tons of weapons which you find randomly anywhere from lockers to fallen enemies to uh, monster dung. This game is a loot fest and you'll always be searching for that next cool weapon. The game also tries to mix fps with rpg elements.

One thing that always made me and my boyfriend laugh was on the back of the game box it says,"intense vehicular combat". Yes it has vehicular combat but it's no Twisted Metal in terms of that, you basically drive around like an idiot and hold the fire button til either you or the enemy blows up. This game has more problems than "intense vehicular combat" though, this game tried so hard to sell on the "fps/rpg" hybrid but imo, it just kinda falls flat. Yes, you level up and gain skills but most of them are just passive skills and actually, I think you only get one or maybe two active skills but that's it. You have "perks" in other shooters so why is this game seen as so much more innovative and different? You don't even get a very big skill tree, it looks bigger than it really is and isn't all that impressive for what all the skills do. The rpg elements seemed very lackluster to me, where is the depth? Another thing is the sniper gets very overpowered later in the game, who needs the other characters when you can easily just kill everything in your path (or most things at least) in one or two hits? It also gets to be quite easy since I'm pretty sure that the enemies don't level up with you.

It's an okay game but not as great as a lot of people make it out to be imo.