I've always wanted to try borderlands. It looked like to me a really fun scifi/rpg that I might like. Finally, about 3 weeks ago, I bought it and no disappointment. This game is insane fun, and probably one of the best co-op games of all-time.

Graphics are good. Sometimes can be great, but alot of the time it's just decent, and does have a few pop-in problems. Score is okay. The main theme song seems kindof catchy. Voice acting is all right. I was kind of disappointed i dialogue. I thought I was going to here some fun humor, but I think I've might've chuckled maybe once or twice.

Borderlands is at it's weakest when it comes to story. There is basicaly no story. Missons can be fun, but there's just no story. If you really want the story ssummarized then here: 'SPOILER ALERT" Find this, kill this, find this, kill this blow up this, kill this, find this, blow up this, kill this kill this, find this, kill this, return. That's basically it.


Borderlands is really great with it's insane amount of gameplay and co-op. There's tons of amount of gameplay. There's probably about 10-20 hours of main mission, and probably another 15-30 hours of side missions. Only thing about gameplay is if you play by yourself, each mission starts getting alot harder, and in a while it'll seem almost impossible to do by yourself. I do like the co-op, but don't like being forced to do co-op, but I'm all right with that.

Overall, Borderlands is a blast. With a few problems, still brings crazy amount of fun gameplay to the table, and real fun co-op. If you want to find something to do with a friend, borderlands is the perfect answer. That's why I would give Borderlands a

9.25 ouf of 10