I spent numerous hours on this mad world with a friend of mine as he explained the basics to me. I enjoyed every minute playing through it the first two times with two different friends. Though it had a good amount of glitches to OP and ridiculous hacks and mods it was still enjoyable.

This game was great because of it's random weapon generation, I had never seen so many unique weapons. I also never enjoyed shooting a screaming midget as much as I have in this game. It's all around just a great game experience for co-op though I wasn't a big fan of it.

The game was just thrilling although co-op in an RPG style game always seems to disappoint me to an extent, I didn't like how the rewards were given to whoever turned in the quest and the other player(s) got a second hand piece of crap. I also wasn't a fan of having someone being OP with me because they did every possible quest and I did roughly 10? It just wasn't fun watching a friend dominate enemies, but I cannot put the game to blame on that one. Playing alone was more frustrating than it was fun at points, and co-op had revive which really helped you out and playing as different characters made it run smoothly for the group. I don't like mix matching the quests with characters though because I feel bored when a friend is being a boss through it while I sit back and try to get a kill or when I have to repeat the same quest to help someone else. It's a much better co-op experience if the players do it correctly.

The areas did seem confined to the point of not being able to explore well enough to satisfy the theme of this game. If you did explore you didn't go far and when got anywhere away from where you were supposed to be you were going to die because the enemies don't level with you. That also made going back to old areas extremely boring.

The best way to play this game is the start fresh with new characters with co-op partners and only play when you are all ready to go because this is a game that is great experience with friends, laughing about how the boss shotgunned you in the face when you charged him or even your friend that's a Siren using their ability to sprint past something while you are stuck in the back looking at a ferocious enemy saying, "Umm, dude... I might need help lol."

It's storyline was pretty interesting as well though a lot of time is spent trying to help others to help you get to the point of it. I wish it was more an epic quest to get to this place rather than a slow progression of helping others and fighting a boss later on. I didn't feel the story as much as I expected.

Also, the first trailer with real graphics instead of humorous comic ones made the game look insane. Check it out if you are willing to look it up.

It gets a fair rating of 91/100 from me and I wouldn't play it again unless someone wants to start over from the beginning with me, because just doing everything together was the ultimate part of this game.