I first purchased Borderlands for the xbox 360 on the day of its release.  When I got home my cousin & I played it and well...we were disappointed.  We didnt really know what we were doing or what to do.  The game also seemed incredibly hard.  So after about 3 days of trying to play it, I sold it to my friend.  I just recently purchased Borderlands for the Ps3.  I thought i could give it another try and well..im so glad I did.  The game is super fun and addicting.  The missions can get boring at times but the combat is amazing.  There are millions of guns in the games.  They may look the same but none of them are the same. I'm always looking for the best gun available.  The world of Pandora is huge and filled with plenty of monsters and bandits to kill.  I'm so glad I gave Borderlands another chance.  The game is simply amazing, even when played by yourself.