I just got this game on my birthday in september. It is an awesome game, no doubt. I love the atmosphere of it, which litterally feels like a cross between Halo Combat Evolved and Jak and Daxter, with a small hint of Ratchet and Clank.

There are tons of guns in it. Only thing is they arent all different, more like pallette swaps. But none the less they are all still awesome. And its always a saddening experience when forced to get rid of one to make room.


There are loads and loads of missions to do. Mission missions (the kind that...you know, story line stuff), friend missions (offered from people you meat, like Crazy Earl)  and then bounty board missions, which are just random missions.

Sometimes, I even go back and find that I missed a few, just to keep the game lasting long.

You have to rank up in this (unless you want garbage guns, low health, a crappy shield, etc) and it isn't too hard. Just progress on through, and look around for missions, secrets, etc.

You can sell stuff to get more money (why you need money, idk, because gun shops sell garbage guns, haha. really, find your guns, dont buy 'em.)

You pick 1 out of 4 characters (mine is the soldier) each with his/her own unique abilities.

I usually lone-wolf on this, but you can play online co-op, which is fun (until some jerk has to steal all the guns, go ahead of every one, or uses OVER POWERED weapons...and then you got those kids who spoil games over their mics, saying the endings and cut scenes and all)

This is game is totally worth getting if you haven't already.