I have read up on this game a lot in the last week, and ive concluded that its going to be pritty good. Im very excited about the way the skill trees are set up, they remind me of the skill trees from wow but smaller and much simpler. I heve went thru the trees of every character and i like the Hunter "Mordecai" the best. The fact that his "special" is to send out a war hawk named "BloodWing" is freeking awsome, very creative and origanal. The least appealing character to me is the brute "Brick". I just dont find running around punching things with your fist very fun or at least not as fun as sending out your warhawk to attack somone and then pulling out a sniper riffle and blasting there head off while they try to fight it off. Now that sounds awsome. I do think its unfair that there is only one female charactor, but at least she's a badazz, what with the elemental weapon uses and using the elements herself, not to mention she is super hot. Then there is the soldier, "Roland" because u godda have the tokken black guy. Prop one of the best things about him is the turret drop for his "special". Its so creative and inventive, that is prob the most useful special of all the the charactors. I'll bet that its especially useful in co-op play being that its like having a "5th Man" if u will. Another useful thing is that if u chose so in "Rolands" skill tree, the turret can even heal you and nearby teammates, not to mention if u get far enough in the medic part of his skill tree, the turret can even REVIVE NEARBY TEAMATES!!! If u choose to be "Roland" i highly recamend follow the medic side of the skill tree, because u can also shoot at ur teammates to heal them. All in all with the tons and tons of weapons and vast wasteland to explore on your upgradable vehicles this game is no doubt going to be at least a runner up for game of the year. Thanks and i highly recamend u pick up this title when it comes out on the 21st!!