I didn't find this review very helpful; the author seemed to be complaining that you had to spend money to really play the game, but he didn't go into any detail to explain how much money would be required to get the most out of the game or to get something more than the bare-bones free-to-play experience.

I don't like the free-to-play concept, but all but the densest dullards know that a free-to-play game is probably going to require spending some money in order to get the most out of the experience. (I personally want to pay the creator something for their time and effort.) It doesn't sound like the reviewer spent any money within the game, so it hardly seems like he got the full experience. Maybe GI's policy is to review free-to-play games as they are without any microtransactions, but this doesn't seem very helpful for the consumer. I think something like, "plan to spend $10/$15/$20 to get the full experience," or "even if you spend __ in microtransactions, you may be disappointed" would have been more helpful.