I played about 5 minutes of the demo. Within those five minutes I knew that this game is not a serious consideration and couldn't help but hope that someone with expectations of a certain experience  would not end up buying this. And feel empathy for those that did. We all experienced those game purchases that ended with regret and a stark feeling of betrayal, and this had the potential of doing that, like Homefront. It wasn't until later I stumbled upon the fact that this is to be considered a successor to Black, which I couldn't believe. Black was an incredible game in its time, Bodycount didn't seem to improve to meet today's standards of an FPS. Also it diverted from the path of realism when developers decided to have some weird intel pickup tokens that fell from the enemy after you killed them. Why do they even make games like this anymore? Does Codemaster play FPS games at all?  If they do play FPS games why is this considered a passable product? They seem like they're filling a void that is best left empty, leaving room for serious entry's.
BTW Homefront, you are by far the most prominent regret out of all my video game purchases.
 I learned a lesson, never trust marketers while they are in their environment, nor the friends there-of.