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  • Blog Post: Blood Bowl II Launch Trailer Reminds You That Violence Is Always The Answer

    Since the NFL got squeamish about the violence in the Blitz series, something has been missing from the sports genre. Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide are trying to rectify that situation. Blood Bowl II is Cyanide’s second attempt to translate the long-running Games Workshop tabletop game to... More
  • Blog Post: Latest Blood Bowl II Trailer Pits High Elves Against Grimy Orcs

    Blood Bowl II is out next week, which means those of you who like to hammer on the “violence button” in your sports games are in luck. The latest gameplay video shows off another pair of opposites: the High Elves are taking on the Orcs. While the High Elves focus on finesse and passing, the... More
  • Blog Post: Release Date And New Video Revealed For Upcoming Football Mashup

    A release date has been announced for a game that is quite possibly the most literal embodiment of the term "fantasy football." Blood Bowl 2 pits mythical races against each other while fusing the world of Warhammer with the chaos that is football. The release date announcement also comes packaged... More
  • Blog Post: Stadiums Aren't Just For Looks

    Combining American football and Games Workshop’s violent Warhammer fantasy universe, Blood Bowl 2 is shaping up to be a bloody affair. It only makes sense then that the game’s virtual stadiums should be just as imposing as many of the formidable fantasy characters taking the field. You can... More
  • Blog Post: Focus Releases First Screens

    The latest in the series that combines American football and Warhammer to gory effect is coming to PC, and we've got the screens to prove it. Blood Bowl 2 has been confirmed for PC so far, and will be developed once again by the French studio Cyanide. These first screens show the human player Blitzer... More
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