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Blackwater Announced For 360

505 Games has revealed a new modern shooter that will play with either Kinect or a traditional controller.

The newly announced Blackwater will follow the private security company through a fictional story about a team of Blackwater operators protecting a North African town.

The unusual and interesting takeway with Blackwater is how players will be able to use Kinect to play the entire experience, from moving around the field to aiming and firing your weapon. Players can also use a standard controller.

No visuals have released for the game yet, but it will be interesting to see if the team developing the game at Zombie Studios can make a robust shooter without the need for buttons or sticks. We have to admit to being a little skeptical, but anything is possible, and we're always interested in new gaming experiences.

Hopefully we'll get some more word on how the game is shaping up from the E3 show floor.

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  • Honestly, who cares.
  • Could this save Kinect from having only on-rails games?
  • zombie studios...what a clever name!

  • I'd honestly be fine with Kinect being used as only integration into games like it is in Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon. It adds that extra little depth.
  • no

  • Mod

    What an unusual "intellectual property" to make a licensed game about. Considering the shady reputation Blackwater has, I'm wondering if this game is going to smack of political propaganda, one way or the other.

    It'll still be interesting to see how (and how well) the game uses Kinect, but if the game can also be played with a standard controller, I doubt they're going to do anything too risky or outlandish with the technology.

  • Wooow, propaganda to the max.

  • The blackwater guys I came across in Iraq were total pricks and were extremely unprofessional. They certainly don't deserve their own game. What a waste of time.
  • AM PM, the experience: you work for a company and protect the cash register using only motion controls and jumping and swinging movements

  • I would rather not give any money to the boys at Blackwater or Xe or whatever they are calling themselves now. The American tax payer is the vast majority of their revenue stream and then they moved off shore to Dubai to avoid taxes. Plus they make it harder for our soldiers by having basically no rules of engagement and pissing off locals in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't care if this game is awesome. Won't buy it.
  • This seems like a really inadvisable group to make a game based on considering the bad press Blackwater has gotten. Maybe that's the point, but it sounds like a dumb idea.

  • F*ck 505, their last game was *wretch* Naughty Bear.

  • I just threw up a little. Blackwater. BLACKWATER. Really? When a rebellious advicate shouts the term "Baby-killer!", the dudes from Blackwater are usually the type of guys they imagine.

    Hopefully there's a game mode where you assassinate peaceful political candidates for some neffarious purpose :]

  • Seriously? I hated dealing with those guys.
  • Wow....well atleast Microsoft still has Halo!

  • For real?  I wouldn't play this game even if it was great.  These guys proved themselves to be out-of-control corporate killers in Iraq.  Nobody should pay for a game that glorifies them.  What's next, The MacDonalds, a version of The Sims where you bring healthful and tasty food to a whole generation of Americans?  Even if Blackwater wasn't such an awful company, we shouldn't support games that are such blatant advertisements.

  • Hate blackwater but hey if the game is good enough i mean a shooter ran completely on kinect if this works well i'll totally get it just expect an "accidental" team kill every once in a while

  • please do not support this terrible organization that has literally and figuratively raped our nation by purchasing a game using their name.  i mean, they've even changed their name from blackwater because of all the bad press on them!

    disgusting to me that there is even a game like this.

  • this is strange games usually portray pmc's as evil
  • Horrible organization to give press or money to; this an absolute disgrace. It's also really bad for gamers, I can just see how the media will react to this: blood hungry gamers with no sense of reality that only want their video game violence; that's how they see us.

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