The Bit.Trip series is an excellent (if somewhat seizure-inducing) trip through the glory days of 8-bit gaming. While the gameplay is great in each of these titles, what really makes it stand out is the music. Every action in the game creates a note that fits in with the overall soundtrack, and as you go longer and longer without failing the music gets more and more complex. It gets to the point where you don't even need to think-the music just lets you play and fit in all your actions to the tune. However-if you find multiple images on a screen distracting, don't play this game (or...I suppose all games...but this game in particular). The backgrounds look like a 70's artist's acid trip, and at certain points make it hard (if not impossible) to differentiate between the background and foreground. Apart from this small complaint, the Bit.Trip games are an amazing series that deserve, at the very least, to be looked at by any gamer looking to relieve the glory days of 8-bit gaming, or any music-loving gamer.