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BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea Episode 2

New Video Highlights Departing Irrational Team Members

The conclusion to the BioShock Infinite saga begins in just two weeks with the release of Burial at Sea Episode 2. It also marks the end of Irrational games as we know it, as the studio will be winding down and letting go of 70 employees and 5 contractors.

As another step in helping find jobs for those employees, Irrational has published a video featuring some of them discussing their proudest moments working on the DLC. In addition to their names and roles, the studio has included contact information, including personal websites and LinkedIn profiles.

Irrational Games founder Ken Levine announced in mid-February that he will be starting a new, smaller studio with approximately 15 members of the existing staff. The BioShock franchise will be handed off to another 2K Games team.

Last week, 57 studios attended Irrational’s career day, designed to assist the 75 affected individuals find new opportunities. 

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  • Sad that these individuals create such a great game and are kicked to the curb.

  • This is bull crap. A studio gone because Levine's moronic self wants to do smaller projects. I really hope these devs find work fast. It's not like people are already struggling to find work already...
  • I won't pretend to know anything about running a development studio, but it's a shame Levine couldn't have just taken his new team and left Irrational intact with someone else in charge. Hope the people affected by this get into new jobs soon.

  • I still don't get why Levine just didn't make a separate studio within Irrational that would only focus on his smaller projects. That way the main studio of Irrational could function relatively normal and people wouldn't be out of jobs, not to mention it would stop an amazing studio from being destroyed. Maybe I'm missing something, but from what I see right now, it just seems like Levine destroyed Irrational for his own gain. I know this doesn't matter, but for right now, I have no intention of buying anything produced by his new studio.

  • Awesome and very classy... Sucks to see Irrational close down, I read a very interesting article about the closure of Irrational over on Polygon, you all should check it out!!

  • I am just in awe of the way video game companies do buissines. You want to keep the franchise of bioshock but you layoff the whole team who made it because one guy left. That guy,(Levine), also left to work on iOS, a buissness model based off of $1 apps on a platform that limits scope due to small financial and tech capabilities. I let's me know anyone can be a CEO as long as your company sells a product your consumer is willing to take cut corners on. Should have kept the staff and hired a new writer to replace levines input.

  • After reading the description and watching the video, I have to say this is really heartwarming. It's sad that the studio has to close, and that so many people are losing jobs, but it's awesome that Irrational is going to these lengths to make marketable those who are losing their jobs. It's a really awesome thing to do for some hardworking, extremely talented developers who will now be looking for work.