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Bioshock Infinite

New BioShock Infinite 'Beast of America' Trailer

Update: Irrational Games has just officially released the new trailer for BioShock Infinite entitled Beast of America.

You can also enjoy a few new screens for the game as well.

BioShock Infinite comes out for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on February 26.


Original Story: Bioshock Infinite has been operating under the radar lately, politely allowing the big holiday games to take their spotlights. This trailer reminds us, however, that February 26 is painfully far away.

At the end of the trailer, we are reminded that it was made entirely using in-engine footage. It also has a nice little call-out to the beginning of the original Bioshock. Unsurprisingly, it looks like the two games may share similar introductions.

Bioshock Infinite releases February 26 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, which is approximately 3,027 more hours away than I would like it to be.

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  • Can't wait for this game!!!
  • Looks incredible.

  • wow
  • Hope everything comes to fruition with this game. It looks pretty awesome so far!

  • Oh wow! I was a little worried hearing about all the people leaving the development of this game, but that trailer...just wow! This looks incredible. All of the sudden all the games I'm so excited about this holiday don't seem that important.
  • "that it February 26"
  • Looks amazing
  • Love the first, Liked the second, and sure too love this game

  • I think Troy Baker was a perfect choice for the main character.
  • Looks good-- I really wish they wouldn't have made the lead girl such a caricature though. It's hard to take someone seriously when 80% of their face is their eyes and they're showing absurd amounts of cleavage...
  • now this looks seriously amazing, and + it comes out on my birthday so yaaaaah!

  • I'm going to go freeze myself in the mountain snow. Will someone please come get me out when it is February 26th?
  • I might just get this.

  • My mind is constantly blown by this game.

  • I was really excited and then it got delayed, now I'm really excited again!

  • February 26 really is too far away.

  • Badass.

  • *sneaks off to pre-order*
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