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BioShock Infinite's Handymen Pack Huge Fists, Tragic Pasts

Irrational Games has released the second installment of its video series focusing on BioShock Infinite's so-called heavy hitters. These larger enemy types seem to function like minibosses, breaking up the action between run-of-the-mill encounters. In this clip, you'll meet the Handymen. These hulking monstrosities have exposed hearts, porcelain fists, and a terrifying indifference to anything other than destroying Booker.

Ken Levine and the rest of the Irrational team explains that the Handymen have somewhat tragic origin stories, which he doesn't want to spoil before the game hits. In the meantime, all you need to know is that these modified people have huge, porcelain fists, mechanical bodies (with functional human hearts), and the ability to leap great distances. They're also more than happy to toss friend and foe alike at Booker, which makes them a feared enemy no matter where you stand.

If you missed the first heavy hitters video, check out the game's Motorized Patriot hereLook for BioShock Infinite on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 16. 

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  • Oh man. Enemies with tragic in game origin stories? Now I really do need to get this game. One of the things I like in games are enemy origin stories, you know, just why they are the way they are. Whether it's something simple like Borderlands' bandits being escaped convicts, or all the way to just detailed paragraphs like you'll find in Mass Effect.

  • Jesus, couldn't they have found some other artist other than the lead to give some details. The guy has no emotion whatsoever, as compared to the other two guys. Ken Levine and Nate Wells show their enthusiasm for the great bits of information regarding this game and that Shawn Robertson just deadpans throughout the video like he did in the first one. Kind of a buzzkill when that guy gets on screen.

  • Awesome!

  • These enemies are reminding me of the dread I felt watching the trailer back when the first game came out and Big Daddies looked damn near unstoppable.

  • Infinite is going to be such a thrill, everyone at Irrational  has a grip on making the exact games I want to play.

  • Holy hell, those will be interesting to kill. I do get to kill them, right?

  • Every time I learn something new about this game, I get more pumped for it.

  • When this game was first announced, I was indifferent at first, since I didn't know how the series would work without Rapture and Big Daddies, but now I know I'll be psyched for Infinite when it releases.