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BioShock Infinite's Handymen Pack Huge Fists, Tragic Pasts

Irrational Games has released the second installment of its video series focusing on BioShock Infinite's so-called heavy hitters. These larger enemy types seem to function like minibosses, breaking up the action between run-of-the-mill encounters. In this clip, you'll meet the Handymen. These hulking monstrosities have exposed hearts, porcelain fists, and a terrifying indifference to anything other than destroying Booker.

Ken Levine and the rest of the Irrational team explains that the Handymen have somewhat tragic origin stories, which he doesn't want to spoil before the game hits. In the meantime, all you need to know is that these modified people have huge, porcelain fists, mechanical bodies (with functional human hearts), and the ability to leap great distances. They're also more than happy to toss friend and foe alike at Booker, which makes them a feared enemy no matter where you stand.

If you missed the first heavy hitters video, check out the game's Motorized Patriot hereLook for BioShock Infinite on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 16. 

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  • Man...these things bring back memories of the Big Daddy's in the first game. I remember I would do everything I could to avoid them because of how terrified I was of fighting one.

  • Man I wish this game was ready launch this summer. That would be perfect. But it's not.

  • I've always hated massively over powered enemies and thanks to Irrational Games, I get to fight TONS of them!

  • Man I wish this game was ready to launch this summer. That would be perfect. But it's not.

  • the handymen no more big daddy no more lil sis possibly no plasmids Id be disappointed but I hve no clue what else they could take out........or add

  • I wasn't sure about this title, it's back on my list of 5 great games of 2012 RE : Operation Raccoon City Max Payne 3 Far Cry 3 Bioshock Infinite RE 6 These are the only 5 games im buying this year at full price, hence 5 great games other titles if they come out will be adjusted to fit in the top 5 These are: Last of Us South Park
  • this is why i love irrational games.  everything has meaning.  the enemies have deep reasoning why they are shooting at you, and you got reason to be shooting back.

  • Awesomeness

  • I found the first Bioshock to be a great game. I did'nt even thinked for a second on touching Bioshock 2. And i did'nt had any hope for Bioshock: Infinite as it seemed a desperate effort to feed on the name of an already established franchise. Maybe it still is... But I'm officially getting excited for this game.

  • Looks exiting

  • Looks really really awesome!

  • Whoa.. This dude is probably gonna be a pain in the butt to take out. Kind of reminds me a little bit of the Big Daddy's presence in 1 and 2. Dude just wouldn't stop coming at you, and it looks like this guy is a much faster, harder target to hit. And I'm guessing shooting that heart is gonna have something to do with how you kill him. That should make for a near impossible shot with him leaping all over the place and charging you all the time. Irrational really knows how to make some great bad guys. I can't wait for this thing and the more they show me, the more it looks like it's gonna be the best in the series. That said.. Ken Levine has gotta be the biggest dork I've seen in a long time, but god bless him. Keep the genius rolling my man.

  • Very ape-like. I like he aesthetic they are going for, nd overall the new game looks like alot more than bishock 1 in the sky.

  • This shall be quite...interesting. It seems like an acrobatic Spider splicer was crossed with a Bouncer, and this terrifying foe is the result. I need this game.
  • They clearly just want to give you a hug. Look at that article picture. He's lonely....:'(

  • This game looks A-mazing.

  • I want it so bad, I hope it's not like the second one
  • Simply awesome.

  • Handymen kind of look like Robert De Niro's version of the Monster from Frankenstein.