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Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite's Handymen Pack Huge Fists, Tragic Pasts

Irrational Games has released the second installment of its video series focusing on BioShock Infinite's so-called heavy hitters. These larger enemy types seem to function like minibosses, breaking up the action between run-of-the-mill encounters. In this clip, you'll meet the Handymen. These hulking monstrosities have exposed hearts, porcelain fists, and a terrifying indifference to anything other than destroying Booker.

Ken Levine and the rest of the Irrational team explains that the Handymen have somewhat tragic origin stories, which he doesn't want to spoil before the game hits. In the meantime, all you need to know is that these modified people have huge, porcelain fists, mechanical bodies (with functional human hearts), and the ability to leap great distances. They're also more than happy to toss friend and foe alike at Booker, which makes them a feared enemy no matter where you stand.

If you missed the first heavy hitters video, check out the game's Motorized Patriot hereLook for BioShock Infinite on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 16. 

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  • Right when I complain about no new articles...BIOSHOCK! BAAAAM!

    The handymen remind me of Scarlet from Silent Hill Homecoming for some reason...
  • I totally read that as, "BioShock Infinite's Handymen Pack Huge Fists, Tragic PANTS". Rofl.

    I can never take them seriously now. Also, because they're apparently ripping off Colossus' (from X-Men) "Fastball Special" move
  • Love it.  Can't wait.

  • I love the bad-guys-with-histories-you-feel-symphathetic-towards. Gotta kill them but what if...
  • this game is getting creepier and creepier with each additional detail. The reveal trailer had some of the old Bioshock qualities but it seemed as if horror was maybe taking a backseat to adventure this time around. Now I'm seeing more of the old Bioshock mentality slowly building back in.

  • I'm glad they're not spoiling their origins. I really appreciate them leaving so much out before the release. It really builds up excitement. =D
  • Very cool! Keep'em coming, I really like this little mini series
  • I hope this game inspires other devs to make good FPS, and not cookie cutter military shooters. I love BF and COD just as much as the next guy, but I'm sick of both franchises. Bioshock will always be one of my favorite franchises because it adds emotion to the FPS genre. Fear being the emotion that takes center stage. Amnesia was *** incredible too. WE NEED MORE HORROR FPS!!!!
  • Great video! The Handymen just look brutal. I'm just loving the look of this game already.

  • Anyone else see the possibility of a little side mission relating to the Handyman backstory? Maybe searching for their dismembered, decaying original hands? No? Ok.

  • I gotta weigh in and say I liked the original (from what I recall, the first iteration shown to the public I mean) art for this enemy type quite a bit more, see 1:09 on the video (with clothes). The hair and mustache, the riveted on faux-cuffs and bowtie deal... really brought it together. This bald brute is... lacking in character, certainly by comparison.

  • Get em, Mr. Bubbles!
  • Just so i understand, is the first image of the handymen (the classic looking guy with the mustache) gone? Or will the handymen's faces change with each encounter?
  • im so screwed....this is worst than creepers

  • Handymen don't like paying with money. They prefer to charge.


  • wake up and see this.

  • Yep...this the next game I'm really excited about playing....I have looked at list of games coming out this spring and summer...and since I'm not  PC gamer...there is nothing that gets me excited. AC3 does have me intrigued though...but yes this game looks awesome!

  • FINALLY! Ya know, Gameinformer, I gotta say, when I first saw this guy plastered onto the front of that issue over a year ago, I expected a little more detail on what the heck they were. Please, for the love of God, don't falsely advertise like that again!

  • i kinda lost faith in the series after 2, god it was awful...
  • Please for the love of god make a collectors edition similar to Bioshock 1, you know statue, soundtrack (full this time not EP) and a making of dvd.....maybe an artbook as well
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