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New Video Shows Emotional BioShock Infinite Voiceover Sessions

Like its predecessor, BioShock Infinite aims to generate a complex emotional response in the player. To that end, series creator Ken Levine has been working closely with the game's voice actors to get the right performances. A new video shows off some of this (sometimes arduous) process.

Entitled "The People Behind Booker and Elizabeth Pt. 2," the video features Levine and actors Courtnee Draper (who plays Elizabeth) and Troy Baker (who plays Booker). It's a very enlightening look at the process, notable for an almost uncomfortable sequence where Baker verbally berates Draper to help her get in character for a particularly fraught scene. The footage of the actors delivering lines is juxtaposed alongside the same dialogue in the game.

For more, check out our interview with Ken Levine, Courtnee Draper, and Troy Baker in the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron issue of GI, which is still in stores.

  • wow... chills.

  • That is superb. What a way to provoke the perfect reaction.

  • WOW!!! I got goosebumps watching that...AWESOME voice actors

  • What an awesome look into the soundbooth.  Levine sure as hell knows how to convey emotion.

  • Might wanna put a language warning on it... that was intense though.

  • didnt see to much expressions on the game charcters. but great work voice acting though
  • It sounds genuine I'll tell you that.

  • Mod

    Wow, that is determination. There is a disconnect with the emotion her character shows during the recording session versus in the game but it's great to see dedicated they all are.

  • Wow, talk about some method (voice) acting. Feel bad for the guy, I'd feel guilty if I had to do that.
  • Excellent
  • Well even if the game fails, which it won't, we know that these two characters are well thought out.

  • Really well done. I hope they get the characters facial animations more on par with the intensely emotional audio though.

  • I watched this on their presentation some months ago. Dedication like this is what made Bioshock 1 a masterpiece before my eyes.

  • Still waiting for "Ken Levine's Tail of the Sun" announcement.

  • Wow. You can really tell just how serious they take this production.

  • omg I love Troy Baker <3 The two of them are so great.  In all seriousness, though... I would not want to see him pissed off for real. xD

  • This is from like E3. Still don't know how this process works, if you tell the person your going to do it. You would have to be pretty sensitive for it to still work at that point.
  • Wow... Troy Baker gives me chills. And when he yells at Courtnee?!

    They really get into character, man. This is why BioShock is amongst the best series out there, and why Ken Levine is mad genius.

  • Ahhh, only a minute 30 in and too many spoilers. I gotta stop myself.
  • I really wish it were possible to somehow implement some sort of motion scan technology because she really showed more emotion than most video game characters have via animation.
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